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I will only express my opinion, but many experts will agree with me. Whatever the girl is dressed for, she should always feel confident, comfortable and appropriate in any society. You, dear needlewomen, have to provide it.

It is up to us adults to be responsible for how to dress a girl for different occasions. She should not be dressed too defiantly, too simply, too festive, or too casual.

What normal mother will deny herself the pleasure of buying or sewing a bunch of children’s clothes as soon as the opportunity arises? Do it wisely.

First, avoid too active painting of clothes with elements of embroidery, especially applications. Today, fashionable children’s clothing, of course, decorative. But children are small people, not elements of decor.

And this moment is very important when you think which blouse to prefer and what to pick up her skirt. Do not decorate, for example, trousers with huge cartoon snouts and large inscriptions, because it violates the proportions of a small person.

When it comes to flowers

Light and bright shades do not need to be afraid – the black thing will be no less brand, but the appearance and mood will suffer greatly. Now with regards to pastel shades: they fit perfectly with each other. So you will never make a mistake, choosing a pastel jacket and pastel dress for a girl.
And quite simple things made of fabric with a slight shine – lacquer cloak, silver jacket or velvet cardigan – will add elegant chic, without going into kitsch.
Denim things fit perfectly with each other and with more noble fabrics. For example, a velvet dress and a denim jacket, or jeans with a lacquer jacket – a bomber.

Now in regards to smart dresses

Long “cakes” dresses, decorated with all sorts of shiny “things”, ribbons and flounces at the same time and in large quantities, leave exclusively for carnivals and thematic parties. Dressed in this way, a girl should not feel elegantly dressed – simply because it tastes bad.

And in general, fashion is the same for everyone.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, 5 or 55, but how to combine, for example, a modern long skirt with a fashionable fur cardigan – just what you will always need. By the way, such a cardigan will fit and miniskirt, and elegant dress! That’s what’s called STYLE.
Let your little girl get used to harmony in clothes since childhood. In the future, she will need to know exactly how different things are complete with each other, how they are worn, and what “mini” is suitable for what age and what figure. These concepts should be laid in childhood!


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